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Career Opportunites at BCDR Mechanical Repair Services

Overtime hours are also available.  For applicants with limited experience we are willing to sponsor through the apprentice program at SIAST.  Applicants must have a valid driver’s licence.  Please drop off your resume at Lot #2, Cory Lane between 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at BCDR!  Click here to apply to BCDR.

At BCDR, we are seeking heavy duty mechanics to join our team of professionals.  Experience and credentials are preferred but are not necessary.

Interested in continuing education?  We at BCDR support employees to “Earn while you Learn” by seeking more training as a Truck & Trailer or Heavy Duty Mechanic at SIAST.  Learn more about the apprenticeship program at SIAST by clicking this link (http://www.siast.sk.ca/programs/apprenticeship.shtml).

Benefits of working with BCDR:

  1. We offer better than average salaries based on experience;
  2. Additional compensation is available on years where the shop’s profitability reaches specific goals;
  3. Overtime hours are available to those who seek them;
  4. Flex-time such as scheduling consecutive 12 hour days is available to the right candidates;
  5. Part-time hours are also available.


[ Click here to learn what clients says about the service and employee culture at BCDR ].

At BCDR, your personal safety matters to us.  We insist every staff member take a turn sitting as the OHS rep for the entire shop.

Our Expectations of New & Existing Employees

As a potential new employee of BCDR, you must always demonstrate personal and professional integrity.  The people who work at BCDR pride themselves by adhering to the following values:

  1. A hard day’s work for a good and fair day’s pay;
  2. Honesty;
  3. Personal hygiene matters to us, we always strive to be neat in our personal appearance, despite the fact that sometimes the work we do gets us dirty;
  4. Clean equipment and work stations;
  5. A strong commitment to maintaining both personal and professional relationships amongst each other and with clients;
  6. Adherence to strict safety policies and guidelines.

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