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About BCDR Mechanical Repair Services

We are diagnostic and repair specialists for both trucks and trailers.  Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we pride ourselves in providing timely, reliable truck and trailer repairs and maintenance for our busy clients.

Our Goal

To earn the loyalty of our customers.

Our Team

We boast a team of dedicated professionals who are all highly skilled and trained. Our team always demonstrates respect for each other and the clients we serve. Our service writers listen effectively to determine the needs for our client and take action. Our team takes pride on being up to date on the latest information including important bulletins.

Our Equipment

Onsite we have modern diagnostic computers that help us identify problems more accurately and easily. We have invested in the latest in technology to help serve our clients faster and more effectively.

Our Connections

BCDR management has excellent relationships with the local trade schools, part suppliers and dealerships. These relationships are vitally important as it ultimately effects our ability to serve our clients well.

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Our Green Strategy
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